born in Bad Fredeburg/Germany, since 2008 living at the south west coast of Sweden


85-89     Nudemodel and watercolour courses by Hinrich Grauenhorst, Schmallenberg Jagdhaus

      1 year practice at the studio of architect Peter Walach

89          student degree in design, Neheim

89-91      practices at decorator firm Köhne, carpenters workshop Huetten and design agency Röpke

91-92      Design and art school, Haus Aussel Wiedenbrück

92-94     Interior architecture studies, FH Hildesheim

95 -98     separate Exhibitions -feelings and fantasy- in Schmallenberg Volksbank 95,

             Atelir Remscheid 96, BuB Wuppertal 96 and NiethWünschHahne association Berlin 97

             matriculation at Bergisches Kolleg Wuppertal98

96-98      Projects with scenebuilder Arnold Mueller


99-05     Communications design FH Dortmund

      grade Dipl.Designer- Rooms and Objectdesign

      with the work -temporary architecture for exhibitions- 05

03-05    exhibition designs for intern. studentartfestival -Focus award- Dortmund 03 and

      for Duane Michals -the theatre of life- Pumpenhalle Landschaftspark Nord Duisburg 04.

      participant artprojekt -Verorten- Kunstverein Hildesheim 04  

      Groupexhibition -Eins Null- 06, Dortmund

      Lightingconcept for musicals the wall a.o. in Kaarst 04

05         1.price with the actions pavillion,

           competition Garten des Wissens Westfalenpark, Dortmund   


            Interior, -Event and Room designs und grafics with metzdesign

            Participation in art and firm projects and exhibitions a.o.:

            separate exhibition -moments- in 08 Lämpälää/ Finland,

     and 2012 at Skottorps slott

     artproject with Kamill A Lukaszewicz, HAlmstad 2009

     Groupexhibitions at different places in Halmstad with artgroup Rubeo 11-12 and

     in Laholm with artgroup K12 in 13-15

            Art- and watercolour courses for kids at skottorps school 2009-12  and

     for adults spring and autumn at Skottorps slott 2009-15, 

     book development -ny vardag- with Antonia Stjärnfeld

15         Project: ecological cafe and culture -Café Palette- Skottorps Slott

            assessed exhibition -Vårsalong- Halmstad

17          assessed exhibition -Vårsalong- Varberg,

     group exhibition -back to the roots- Schmallenberg/ Germany


2018      separate summer exhibition -Trädväsen (treenatures)- Villa Aster, Genevad

     Shown at Galerie Savannah Living, Höganäs since 1 Juli

     from autumn 2018 member of the art union Konstliv HAlland

2019      Exhibition Konstrunda Halland with open ateljé- round 30/5-2/6


Who am I


I am a curious artist, a life searcher, nature lover, form searcher,

I am very personal and curious, truth lover,

believe in nature and its power and believe in the way, the way we choose,

the way we can choose.

I am a painter, designer, searching the form that lives, that has life

and shows lifes history. Histories told by trees and nature I want to explore.

I am interrested in the subtile histories, the ´meets between´.  


I wish I could find a form to show us all to the positive to the nature

to the coming back to the good thinking of the differences

we like we have and we love.

Nature shows us the way

because nature is what we are.


all rights on these sides belong to Isabell Metz