Isabell Metz




wonderful characters - life in its nature - life in its differences - like us

strong characters 2017 I.Metz

strong chestnuts 2017


Strong Chestnuttrees 2017- exhibition back to the roots September 17 Schmallenberg, Germany

strandskog 2017 I.Metz
strong characters 2017 I.Metz

Strong characters 2017

Strandskog 2017

young birch I.Metz
strong maple tree I.Metz
wonderful birch I.Metz

Strong characters 2017- exhibition Vårutställning Varberg

treesouls 14-I.Metz

Tree souls 2014

björkar i dimman-I.Metz
light wood-I.Metz
träd i Antonias garden-I.Metz

Tree souls 2014- exhibition Vårutställning Halmstad

the willow 09 -I.Metz

the willow 2009

willow drawing 08-I.Metz

The willow- drawing- was background to the play Askan played by Görel Crona and Johannes Brost 2016 at Skottorps Slott

our maple tree 2011 I.Metz

our maple tree 2011

alone 2015 I.Metz

alone 2015

tree detail I.Metz

tree detail 2014

tree changing 2009 I.Metz

tree changing 2009

the old field 2011 I.Metz
hot 2012 I.Metz
In town 2012 I.Metz
Maple 2011 I.Metz

The old field 2011

behind the beech I.Metz

behind the beach 2011

cold bench I.Metz

cold bench 2011

Hot 2012

free forms I.Metz

free forms 2012

look! I.Metz

look! 2014

In town 2012

tree soul I.Metz

tree soul 2014

soultree I.Metz

soultree 2014

maple 2011

in front I.Metz

in the front 2009

light wood I.Metz

light wood 2009



We are a part of nature.

Trees are great characters of nature. They tell stories, old and wise.