The under-consciously is what I am interested in.

It is what I think whats constitutes me and my way of being. Conscious under- consciously influence in drawing

or painting, the natures of my unknown nature. It can be complex or it can be one nature for itself.

inner natures - wondering- 24

Pastell on plywood

Fria former eller inner natures 24

Pastell on plywood

Inner natures we meet every day

pastell on plywood

inner natures1 I.Metz

Inner natures 1

black ink on paper 50x80 2016

the scream I.Metz

The scream 2016

ontheway I.Metz

On the way 2016

themask I.Metz

The mask 2016

innernatures2 I.Metz

Inner Natures 2 2016

innernatures4 I.Metz
Innernatures3 I.Metz
Innernatures5 I.Metz
Innernatures6 I.Metz
thedecision I.Metz
theflight IMetz
whatdoyoumean! I.Metz
thescream I.Metz
dragon1 I.Metz
thesweetone I.Metz
familynatures I.Metz
scenewithbird I.Metz

The natures of inner worlds on this side are under development.

It can be- that they will be only sketches to bigger paintings or some may

become a background on their own. Or maybe they will find a story to tell.